There Is An Ambush Coming To Black Ops IIII

There Is An Ambush Coming To Black Ops IIII

Thanks to the Call of Duty companion app it appears that a new mod for Blackout, the COD series take on the Battle Royale genre is on its way.

This mode sounds like it is going to be a ton of fun to play and so far all the signs point to this being legit. More than likely this was leaked on purpose to get us excited, but I will give them a pass as it does sound like fun.

The idea of Ambush mode is that you have to be stealthy if you want to win. You can only use sniper rifles and melee weapons to take down your opponents. This means that there are no mid-range weapons. So to take another player down, you either have to do it from distance or sneak in real close.

Three of the stealthy based perks, Dead Silence, Skulker and Outlander are getting enhanced. This is going to be very handy as these perks will certainly help give you an edge, especially the ones that let you move faster and quieter.

Ambush mode is going to be very different from a traditional game of Blackout. Rather than just going for it you are going to have to think about each move you make. You just know that running through an open area is a terrible idea as there will be about 30 snipers hiding just waiting to pick you off!

While I am horrible at using a sniper rifle, Ambush is a mode that I am very excited to get to play. As I write this no official date has been given as to when Ambush mode is going to be released.

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