The Worst Collector’s Edition I Ever Bought?

The Worst Collector’s Edition I Ever Bought?

I love a good collector’s edition, especially one that comes with some cool physical items like a statue, a t-shirt or whatever. However, there have been some special and collectors editions that I have bought where I have felt like I was getting taken for a ride, most notably the Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Wii.

I love the Super Mario series and Super Mario All-Stars is one of my favorite games for the Super Nintendo. It was awesome being able to play through the games I loved on the NES in 16-bit quality and also getting the chance to play The Lost Levels a game I had never played before.

In 2010 Mario was celebrating his 25th birthday. How did Nintendo celebrate with the fans? Well, they released one of the most half-assed special editions I have ever come across the Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Wii which over here in the UK was sold as a full price game! 

They gave you a soundtrack and a book which was ok, but for an iconic character like Mario, they could have done so much more. The real kicker was the actual game itself. This is the bare bones Super Mario All-Stars. You see shortly after its release, Nintendo made a new version that also included Super Mario World. So you got five games instead of four, you got the whole console Mario saga at that point. Why on Earth Nintendo did not put that version on the disc instead of the one they did is beyond me.

The whole package came across as a quick way to make a few extra bucks at the fans expense and it left a real sour taste in my mouth. The games played and sounded great. I just feel that for Mario’s 25th birthday they could have done more. Thrown in the Game Boy Mario Land games, Mario 64, the GBA games! They could have done so much more than they did. This is why I would class the Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition as the wors collectors/special edition I ever bought. 

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