The Tale Of Dealing With Xbox Customer Support

The Tale Of Dealing With Xbox Customer Support

Today I am sharing a personal tale with you guys. A tale that ran for over a year and was just finally resolved this week. I am talking about dealing with Xbox customer support and my sons Xbox One.

We already had one Xbox One in the house but decided to get my son his own Xbox One for his room. The look on his face when he opened it up was priceless. He had no clue and it is one of my favorite Christmas memories of all time. Fast forward two weeks and the Xbox One will not turn on at all. Just take it back to the store is what you are thinking.

Well, we could not. You see we actually bought it in the begging of September 2017, he got it for Christmas 2017 so it was just a few days out of the warranty where we could take it back to the store. So I had to call Xbox and it was a nightmare. I explained that this was a kids Christmas present, but they did not care.

I was told to send it back and we would get a replacement. I sent it in, called to find out what was happening and then I was given the runaround. It went from being replaced to being repaired to being replaced again and then ultimately it was “repaired” it worked out that they had the Xbox One longer than my son did!

It came back and it worked ok, but throughout the whole of 2018, it had problems. It would constantly not connect to the Wi-Fi. Now I know for a fact it was not our Wi-Fi we have a ton of stuff connected to it, one of which is another Xbox One! And nothing had this trouble. I would have to hard reset it over and over again until it would connect. Sometimes it would go a month without incident, but it would do this all through the year, sometimes a few times a week.

Dealing with Xbox was a nightmare. They could not have cared less and talked to me like I was an idiot. I was asked if I had put the right Wi-Fi password in on four different occasions! Also, I got cut off all the time, would have to call back and restart my story all over again.

I was at my wit's end, so much so that I went beyond the standard customer service and went direct to Xbox HQ. Here a fine young man called Christopher came to my aid and he was awesome. This is what customer service should be like. I did not expect anything out of this. I was at the point where we were just going to buy a new (actually a second hand one as they were no way they were getting more money out of me after the way we were treated) I just wanted to get my story out there so they could improve their customer service.

Well he actually listened, worked with me and he helped make the situation ok. It completely restored my faith in Xbox and I hope that they can take what happened to me and use it in some kind of future training for the people that you speak to on the phone.

So while this was a very frustrating experience for me and of course my son, we eventually got there in the end. I have worked in customer service before so I know how rough it is so I always made sure to be polite, clear and friendly when I spoke to people and I think that is why he helped us.

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