The State Of Playstation Plus In 2017

The State Of Playstation Plus In 2017

Hello, fellow gamers. Today I wanted to write a kind of opinion piece about my feelings on Playstation Plus. It actually took me a while to jump on board with Playstation Plus. I have been a Xbox Live subscriber since the 360 launched, but I was very hesitant to join up with Sony’s online service on the Playstation 3 when it launched.

Then one day a gaming magazine here in the UK gave me a free 30-day subscription. The free games that month were Bioshock 2 and….. I think it was Mortal Kombat, two pretty damn awesome games to be getting for free! I knew that Playstation Plus offered free games, but I never really looked into it. This free trial though blew my mind and I decided that I was going to become a Playstation Plus subscriber.

Playstation Plus on the Playstation 3 was awesome. DMC, Bioshock Infinite, Sleeping Dogs, Need For Speed, NBA 2K14, Mortal Kombat, and The Puppeteer are just a small selection of the triple A games that I experienced during my time with Playstation Plus on the PS3. The game selection was just out of this world! It was so impressive that Xbox had to start giving games with their Xbox Live service!

I think that Sony stepped it up so much because the PS3 offered free online gaming so they needed that extra kick to make Playstation Plus seem worthwhile and with the selection of titles each month I feel it was worth the money.
Then we came to the Playstation 4. I have been a Playstation 4 user since launch and this time I and you other PS4 owners had no choice. You had to have Playstation Plus if you wanted to game online. The Playstation Plus service is fine, for all people like to talk trash about it I have never had any trouble with it, but the game selection since the launch of the PS4 has been very disappointing.

It is indie game after indie game and while I have really enjoyed some games, Outlast, Injustice and Rocket League spring to mind. Most months many of these games get an hour of gameplay and then I am done.

I think the online service that Sony is offering now is far better than it was on the Playstation 3, but the game selection they are giving Playstation Plus owners is not all that great. I know for some people it is fine and they are happy with it. I just feel that as Sony now know we have to have Playstation Plus to play online, they no longer need to offer these triple A titles each month to get people to subscribe.
On the Playstation 3, I was genuinely excited to hear what games I would be getter each month. On the Playstation 4 though I really am very “meh” about it.

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