The Next Generation Of Superhero Video Games

The Next Generation Of Superhero Video Games

Ok so I (finally) watched Logan last night… And it was awesome. It got me thinking about how good the game, X-Men Origins was and how exciting it is that in the next few years we are getting some really cool Marvel superhero games, starting with the awesome Spider-Man on Playstation 4 that we've seen on E3 already. Well for fun I thought I would come up with some games I would love to see in this new Marvel gaming universe.


There have already been some really good X-Men games over the years. The Sega Genesis ones, Reign Of Apocalypse, Legends, Origins and of course the arcade game. But I feel that the X-Men deserve a new game. A large open world style game where you can play as a handful of different X-Men with each one having to use their abilities to get through different sections of the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

With the overpriced re-release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 I do actually have a lot of hope that this one could happen. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was the ultimate fan service game! They were top down action RPG (some might even say kind of dungeon crawler in their design) These games had great stories and featured a ton of Marvel superheroes. I really think a new game in this series or even just a whole new reboot would be a lot of fun and a huge success.


How crazy is it that with the huge success of The Avengers movies we have never actually gotten a whole game based on the Avengers for nearly two decades! There was a cancelled first person Avengers game in development that looked pretty cool and there was the Lego Avengers game, again which was pretty cool. But I would love to see a huge 3rd person action adventure game based on The Avengers movie franchise. Actually maybe going it about it the way the Lego game did, but with a bit more violence and over the top action would be the way for them to go.

Planet Hulk

I was a huge fan of Hulk Ultimate Destruction on the GameCube (also on PS2 and original Xbox) and felt the game based on The Incredible Hulk movie was pretty damn good too. I really would love to see a game based on the Planet Hulk Comic book. It would be kind of like Skyrim or Zelda in its setting, but with Hulk going on a rampage and getting into epic gladiator duels. I know the chances of this kind of game ever happening are slim, but if I could have any superhero game it would be one based on Planet Hulk!

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