The Most Romantic City Comes To Overwatch

The Most Romantic City Comes To Overwatch

It really does blow my mind how Blizzard just keeps giving and giving when it comes to Overwatch. Most other games would be charging us five bucks here and five bucks there for maps and characters, but Blizzard does not roll like that!

As we are getting real close to Valentine’s Day, Blizzard is showing the love by giving us a brand new map to make love…… and of course, war on and the map is based in Paris. This is a really fun looking map and as it is currently available on the test server for PC players there is quite a bit of footage on Twitch and also on YouTube of people having fun with the map.

It does seem a little cramped to me, but I actually like maps that force conflict on the players and when I eventually play it I am sure I will find all kinds of nooks and crannies that I can use to my advantage. There is no escorting the payload on this Paris map. It is all about taking and defending the point.

While this is currently available on the PC test servers there is no statement as to when there will be a full release on PC and of course also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You would think though that a couple of weeks should be enough time for them to see if anything in the map needs changing.

If you play Overwatch on PC then you can get in on this right now!

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