The Last Season Of The Walking Dead Is Back On Track

The Last Season Of The Walking Dead Is Back On Track

You will be pleased to know that the final season of the awesome Walking Dead series of games is now back on track.

It was well documented a short while back that TellTale was going under and the status of their last season of The Walking Dead was unclear. What made this a mess was that some people had already paid for the full season!

Skybound Entertainment who actually own the Walking Dead stepped in and picked up the pieces and said that they would be the ones to finish the game. Which was great, but then it all went a little bit quiet. Well, now Skybound has come out and said that they are now working on Episode 3 and 4 of the final season.

While it is cool that us gamers are going to finally bring this saga to a close. Even cooler than that is that Skybound has actually managed to get many of the TellTale folks who lost their jobs back on the project so that is really awesome that those hard-working game developers are back in employment.

They have not said when exactly the final season will be released, but the fact they are working on it is great news. I have yet to play the first two episodes myself as I get really hooked on these games and prefer to wait for the whole story to be finished before I jump in. It will be interesting to see if when the final episode of The Walking Dead hits if Skybound release some kind of compilation that has the whole TellTale Walking Dead saga in one package.

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