The Jump Force Collector’s Edition Is Epic!

The Jump Force Collector’s Edition Is Epic!

Bandai Namco has been knocking it out of the park with their special editions of games. Off the top of my head, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Dragonball Fighterz and Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker all had epic collectors editions. Well, they have outdone themselves with the Jump Force Collector’s Edition.

We have had Dragonball, Naruto and One Piece games released at a pretty steady pace over the last few years. Now those three worlds (and a few others too) are being thrust together in one epic battle, Jump Force!

I could not be any more all in with Jump Force. I was so in that after the first couple of story trailers I decide that enough was enough and I wanted to see no more as I did not want any spoilers…… but what if Frieza gets his hands on The Death Note????

Enough of that, I am here to talk about the amazing Collector’s Edition that Bandai Namco has for Jump Force. You, of course, get the game and you also get a very smart looking Steel Book. You get all 9 of the DLC characters that are going to be released throughout the year and you also get some cool art prints.

That is not all you get. You also get one of the most epic statues that I have ever seen for a collector’s edition. This thing features Goku, Naruto, and Luffy. It looks incredible and it is certainly something that I would really love to get my hands on. However, the 300 bucks asking price (well £299.99 here in the UK) is more than I can afford right now. Which is a shame as this is something I would love to have in my collection.

I am not saying that the Jump Force Collector’s Edition is overpriced as I do feel this statue and the art prints make this well worth it….. I just wish my wallet was not recovering from Christmas along with the pre-orders of Resident Evil II and Kingdom Hearts III!

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