The Hard Drive Problem Of Modern Gaming

The Hard Drive Problem Of Modern Gaming

Ok so for today’s blog post I am having a little bit of a rant, but this is something that I am sure many of you fellow gamers can relate to. Some people have come to terms with this just being a part of modern gaming…… however for me, this is still something that is a sore point, I am talking about hard drive space and how most modern triple-A games take up 40gb, 50gb sometimes even more hard drive space. 

Last night, I felt like playing through Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4. It has been a while since I played this game (easily a year or two) and I have long had the game deleted off my PlayStation 4 as I have a 1TB hard drive, which by the way I have already upgraded from the 500gb one I got with the console. Anyway, before I could play the game, I, of course, had to delete something, I have just finished Horizon Zero Dawn, so I deleted that. I put in GTA V and then it needs to do an update that not only is taking up a ton more storage space, but it is going to take a couple of hours….. and I have fast internet!

The way modern gaming requires a mandatory install and an update takes away the ability to go grab a game off the shelf and just play it unless you have it already saved on your hard drive. It is a major pain in the butt and for me the worst thing about this current generation of gaming.

Sure you are probably saying that I could go and buy a 4TB hard drive for my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But I counter that with why should I? Why are these consoles released with such a small hard drive when Sony and Microsoft know how much space a modern game takes up? Surely at least a 2TB hard drive should be the standard for every Xbox One or PlayStation 4? It is not too much to ask that I would like more than ten games to be saved on my console at any one time. Not only that, but if I have a spare 100 bucks, I would much rather buy a couple of games that a storage drive, but then I have to worry about putting those games on my console. 

Here is an extreme example, I had an Xbox One that had a 500gb hard drive in it, I installed The Master Chief Collection and it took up the better part of a quarter of the hard drive space I had! 

I would love to know if anyone else is having trouble keeping up with storage space on their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the comments below.

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