The Best Mario RPG Games!

The Best Mario RPG Games!

With Super Mario Odyssey and the re-release of Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga on the 3DS. I have a bit of a Mario fever going on. Today though, instead of looking at the best Mario games in general. Thanks to being super into Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga, I am going to be picking what my three favorite Mario RPG games are.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (Nintendo GameCube)

Man, this is such a great game and for me the best out of all the RPG style Mario games. What I think makes this such a great RPG is the two things that are most important in an RPG and that is the story and the combat. The story is fantastic, well actually I would say that it is more the characters. Each character you encounter has some kind of backstory that makes you actually interested in them and then there is Bowser, wow did they do Bowser right in this game! The combat is more in depth than you would think and in general, this is just a joy to play.

Mario And Luigi Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS)

I have actually enjoyed all of the games in the Mario And Luigi series, but I think with Paper Jam, Nintendo really nailed it. The story is great (two Bowsers!) and the way Mario and Luigi interact with the other characters and each other genuinely had a smile on my face the whole time I played this. I just loved the paper style of it and while it did not reinvent the wheel when it came to Mario and Luigi games. I feel that as far as core mechanics and combat go, Paper Jam is the best of the bunch and Nintendo really perfected the formula with this one.

Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii)

A very controversial choice to have (especially over the original Paper Mario and Mario RPG) but I freaking love this game! I do not understand the hate it gets! Many people found the story boring, but I actually really enjoyed it. Also the gameplay, Nintendo tried to have more platforming in this one and I think it kept the gameplay more interesting. Also getting to play as other characters like Peach and especially Bowser made the game much more interesting for me. As the only Mario RPG game on the Wii, it is easily overlooked and many people like to put it down. I will admit that it does have a slow start, but once you get into it, Super Paper Mario is a truly excellent game.

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