The Best Arcade Style Sports Games

The Best Arcade Style Sports Games

As well as being a gamer I am also a huge sports fan. To be honest with you while I like my simulation style games, I much prefer more arcadey and unrealistic style sports games and today I want to share with you guys my favorite arcade style sports games.

NBA Showtime

You all know about NBA Jam and to a lesser extent NBA Hangtime, but after that was NBA Showtime. A freaking awesome take on the NBA Jam formula that was a ton of fun. The game was released on Playstation, N64, and Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was the version to get. If you liked NBA Jam, you will have a lot of fun with this. Back in the day, the Dreamcast NBA Showtime blew my mind, but now the visuals are a little rough.


Here we have a sports game that is also a movie tie-in game. Modern boxing games are all about being realistic and that is ok if you are a boxing fan I guess. But for folks like me who find real boxing to slow and boring and just want to throw haymakers, there is Rocky. This is on PS2, GameCube, and Original Xbox. You play through the Rocky saga (before Rocky Balboa and Creed) it is all about throwing down huge ass punches. The single player is fine, but fighting a buddy is where the fun in this game is. If you want something cool for your next game night, get Rocky! I would go as far to say that I actually prefer this to Ready 2 Rumble.

Super Dodge Ball

I had to go real old school on you and talk about a game I played a ton as a kid and that is Super Dodge Ball on the NES. You pick from a number of different nations and then proceed to throw a ball at the opposing team until they are dead... No, I mean that. When you take away their all their energy they turn into angels and float away. I will admit that as a single player game, Super Dodge Ball is not all that great. But against a friend, this is a riot. There is actually a fair bit of strategy involved with this game and between two “skilled” players a game can last ages.

Mario Smash Football

Some of you may be wondering about this game, but in the UK this GameCube game was actually called Mari Smash Football and not Super Mario Strikers like in the USA. I freaking loved this game. I am a huge football fan and Mario Smash Football is a football game that anyone can play. It is pure arcade style sports action, there are power-ups, you get screwed over, you can screw over the person you are playing and in general, you will just be having an awesome time. I picked this version of the Wii sequel as that one I felt had far too much Ai cheating going on.

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