The 7 Best Video Games Based On TV Shows

The 7 Best Video Games Based On TV Shows

I thought today I would have a little fun by looking at my favorite video games that are based on a TV show. I have a mix of animated, live action and kids TV shows here so there is something for everyone.

Also, I know that some of these are not exactly what you would call “amazing games” however, if you are a fan of the TV show then I think that you are willing to look past flaws that some licensed games have.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This is exclusive to the original Xbox and it is one of my favorite games for the system. This would legit be in my top three original Xbox games! You play as Buffy Summers and you need to kick some serious vampire (and monster) ass to stop them taking over Sunnydale and then the rest of the world. Buffy controls perfectly and staking vampires and using all her different combos is a ton of fun. The game also has a really awesome story and some great voice acting(although Sarah Michelle Geller does not voice Buffy) as a fan of the show I loved this game, but as a 3rd person action game, it is great in its own right.

Futurama The Game


This is also on PS2, but I prefer the Xbox version. This is a 3rd person action/shooter game and it is one that I had a great time with. It captures the spirit of the show very well and it actually has some brand new animated scenes that were made just for this game. You get to play as Fry, Leila, Bender, and even Dr. Zoidberg as you take down the evil MOM empire. I had a great time with this back in the day, but I will admit that it has not aged all that well.

The Walking Dead

PlayStation 4

Ok, so this is kind of cheating as you could argue it is 50/50 when it comes to a TV show or a comic book. I loved this series of games! This is TellTale games masterpiece and it remains one of my favorite story arcs of any game. I think the first two games are the best, but the whole series is fun. Your choices feel like they matter in this game and the writing and voice acting is so well done that you really do connect with these characters and what happens to them does have an effect on you. I have played through those first two games a few times with the intent of making different choices, but I am so connected to certain characters I can never do it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Super Nintendo

This right here is one of my favorite games of all time, I think I would actually put it at number 2! That is how much I love this game. The arcade version is fine, but the SNES added in so much more. There were more levels, more bosses and the fighting was much tighter. You could actually choose to throw a Foot Soldier through the screen or pound them into the ground, it was no longer random like in the arcade. The graphics are great, the music is badass and this for me is the greatest beat em up ever created!

The X-Files: Resist or Serve

PlayStation 2

I am a huge, huge X-Files nerd so getting a game based on it when we did was a real surprise as the show had been off the air for a few years at this point. Resist or Serve is not a perfect game. But it does let you play as both Mulder and Scully and it is actually voice acted by the real actors. The gameplay is that of an old school Resident Evil clone. Mulder’s stages are more action based and Scully’s are more puzzle based. Despite the flaws, I had a really fun time with this game.

The Simpsons Hit & Run

Nintendo Game Cube

Why on earth has this not been remastered into HD or at the very least had about three sequels by now? This game was available on everything, but it was the Nintendo Game Cube version I played back in the day. This is like GTA meets the Simpsons. It has very funny writing and it lets you play as multiple characters. Each character has their own portion of Springfield to explore. This makes me wonder just how awesome a Hit & Run style game would be now with more powerful hardware.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Xbox 360

Here is a game that was panned by critics when it was first released, but I had a blast playing through this. It is a 3rd person action/shooter style game and it captures the spirit of the show perfectly. Clearly, you have to be a big Family Guy fan to get the best out of this game. You play as Brian and Stewie and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. You will need to exploit these as you make your way through the Multiverse, by the way, the North Pole level is my favorite. It is messed up, wrong and in very poor taste, but it is hilarious.

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