The 7 Best Movies Based On Video Games

The 7 Best Movies Based On Video Games

I think it is fair to say that no movie that is based on a video game is going to win an Oscar. To be fair though, none of them set out with this in mind. I think there have actually been some fun video game movies over the years and here are my 7 favorites.

Mortal Kombat

For me, this is still the gold standard and it is a movie that I think still holds up really well to this day. They absolutely nailed the look, feel and style of Mortal Kombat. I was 13 when this game came out so I was the perfect age for this movie. It featured all of the characters from the first game as well as a couple from the second and it really did follow the story of the game as close as it could. I stand by the fact that Mortal Kombat is a damn fine movie and it is still fun to this day.

Angry Birds

“Angry Birds!!!! That is a movie that is about two years too late, who wants to watch that?” is what I said to my son. Turns out I was way wrong as the Angry Birds movie, despite being released after the mania of the game had passed did really well. Not only that the movie was hilarious and a whole lot of fun. I really think this is one of the more underrated kid's movies of the last decade! Hearing red say “pluck my life” still cracks me up.

Resident Evil Apocalypse

I have enjoyed most of the Resident Evil movies. It is kind of crazy when you think about it how the games spawned a series of movies that ultimately became their own thing. My personal favorite of all the Resident Evil movies has to be the second one, Apocalypse. It is loosely based on Resident Evil 2 and 3 and I think it is the most fun and action packed of all the movies. It does enough of its own stuff but also includes many nods to the game that it is great for pretty much anyone.


I know there is a Doom movie in the works happening right now, but I really enjoyed the first effort. It featured a way less jacked up version of The Rock and Karl Urban so the cast was solid. Doom was a really fun popcorn kind of movie. It did not take itself too seriously and I think that it had some good elements from the game. I really think that they did a good job with the first person segment too.

Tomb Raider 2018

To tell you the truth, I actually really liked the Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movies. However, I do feel that the reboot captured the feel of the Tomb Raider game reboot very well. I loved how it did follow the story of the game pretty well and Lara was very likable in this new movie. My only complaint is that I do wish that the movie went the supernatural route that the game did as I think that would have made it even more fun.

Silent Hill

I am not the biggest fan of the games. I played part of one, all the way through two and that is the extent of my Silent Hill history. I am though a big horror fan (as is my wife, well at the time she was not my wife) we both loved this movie. It was creepy, sinister and I thought that the way they did Silent Hill was very, very well done.


The Rock is on my list again. How the heck do you make a movie based on Rampage? Well, just the way these guys did it. Rampage is just a crazy, over the top and fun movie. It has a very light heart and it is super fun as a result. I thought that the special effects were fantastic and seeing George, Lizzie, and Ralph on the big screen was something that blew my mind. I would love to go back and tell little me when I was playing this on my dad’s Atari ST that they would make a kick ass movie about Rampage over 20 years later.

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