The 7 Best Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Consoles

The 7 Best Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Consoles

One thing that Sony has done really well this generation is having some amazing limited edition consoles. While the recently announced Call of Duty Black Ops IIII PlayStation 4 bundle is very disappointing as it only comes with a standard PS4! Sony have made some amazing limited edition consoles the last five years and these are my seven favorites!


The Spider-Man game from Insomniac is one of the best games of 2018 and also the limited edition PlayStation 4, Spider-Man console is one of the best looking consoles Sony have mad. It is in a nice and sexy red with the white Spider symbol right on the top of it. The controller is done in the same red and white style and it finishes it off just perfectly.

Also, this is not a PS4 Slim, the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 is a PlayStation Pro. Even cooler than that is that as I write this (around a week before Black Friday) this limited edition console is still very readily available.

Batman Arkham Knight

We go from Marvel straight to DC with the epic Batman Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 console that was released when the game was a couple of years back. This is a silver PS4 which is an interesting design as you would think that they would go for black with Batman. The silver works perfectly though and it has a very cool, but also understated Batman shadow along the top of the console.

The controller is done in the same silver and grey style and it works really well. In all this is a great looking console and one that has actually held its price very well as it still goes for a fair bit of money on the secondary market.

20th Anniversary

Out of all the super limited and expensive limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles that Sony have done. The 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 is my favorite. Released to celebrate the 20th birthday of the original PlayStation. This one here is done in the classic PlayStation grey and comes with a stand, controller and camera all done in that same style.

These were never actually sold to the general public and only 12,300 were officially produced. This is arguably the rarest PS4 console on my list and you can easily expect to pay up to (if not more) than a thousand bucks. On a side note, Sony also released a cool classic PlayStation theme to go along with this.

God of War

If the awesome Spider-Man PS4 being released in 2018 is not enough, Sony also mad a special, limited edition God of War inspired PS 4 to go along with the game. This one is silver in its main design, but it is covered with these cool Nordic runes that appear in the game. Even the controller has one and that looks really cool.

While the overall design of the God of War limited edition PS4 console is something that I really like. It is worth noting that this is also a PS4 Pro so you get to see God of War in all its 4K glory with this console.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Ok so what you want about the actual game, but I really liked it. There was a cool Darth Vader PS4 for the original PlayStation 4 that I really like, but I feel the more toned down style of the Battlefront II PS4 is better. Plus this is one limited edition console I never once saw in stores, whereas I did see the Vader one a few times. The middle of the console has a cool blood red Inferno Squad symbol, but there is also a symbol for the Empire and the Resistance, not to mention a Star Wars logo right on the front.

The controller is black, but it does also have those same Resistance and Empire symbols on it which I really like. The real killer detail of the controller is the touchpad. At first glance, it looks like a regular touchpad, but when you look closer it has the Star Wars logo on it.

Call of Duty Black Ops III

There has been some great Call of Duty consoles over the years (which this new Black Ops 4 bundle is not) but I love the Call of Duty Black Ops III PlayStation 4 that they released. This is a black PS4, but it has these really cool little orange details all around it and the Black Ops III logo in orange on the front of the console. The whole design is kind of subtle and it gives the console a lot of personality.

The controller is one of the best-limited edition controllers any console has ever had. It is grey with black and orange details on it and it looks awesome. This is one of the most underrated of the PlayStation 4 limited edition consoles in my opinion.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Full disclosure here, I am not a Metal Gear Solid fan and I did not even know this limited edition console existed until recently. This one is so cool and sexy that I feel it deserves some extra attention. The Metal Gear Solid 5 PlayStation 4 is designed to look like Venom Snakes robotic arm. Had I actually played the game this would no doubt make it even cooler to me. Still, I can really appreciate how cool the black, red and that little bit of gold go together to make one really cool looking console.

The controller it comes with is also limited edition. Rather than be red and black like the console it is a dark silver with some very cool looking graphics on the grips. This is a limited edition console that has held its value very well and when I had a look recently it still goes for around 300 bucks. I think this is cool and I do not even know much about the franchise!

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