The 15 Remaining PlayStation Classic Games

The 15 Remaining PlayStation Classic Games

Sure I talked about this yesterday, but the PlayStation Classic is hot news right now and people all over the internet are speculating what those remaining 15 games will be.

Well, I wanted to throw my hat in the ring with what games I feel will be and should be included. The problem with only having 20 games is that the PlayStation library is so huge and many great games had great sequels, but I would think they will do one game per franchise.

Anyway here are my picks for the PlayStation Classic.

Metal Gear Solid:

Sure they need to get Konami to play ball, but this is a classic for the system and a game that has to be on it.

Tomb Raider II:

Out of all the Tomb Raider games on the PS1, I feel this one is the best. Plus at the time it was only on PlayStation.

Crash Bandicoot:

I think this could be any of the first three games, to be honest with you. My personal pick would be the first one.


Spyro was a PlayStation hero back in the day and I feel that they should have his first adventure on there.

Resident Evil 2:

With the UK rating the PlayStation Classic at 18, I have a feeling this is going to be on there. It would be great promotion for the remake coming next year too. 

Crash Team Racing:

I actually preferred this to Mario Kart back in the day and I think this would be a great addition to the system. This game is also a PS1 exclusive. 

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night:

Konami has already re-released this and it is a game that many people loved on the PlayStation so it would be great to see it on there. I think that they could get some kind of deal with Konami to get this and Metal Gear. 

Street Fighter Alpha 3:

The Street Fighter Alpha series may not have been a PS1 exclusive, but you have to have a Street Fighter game on there and this is the best one on the console. 

Hot Shots Golf:

There are not many sports games that they realistically could put on the PlayStation Classic, but as this is a Sony property I would not be shocked to see this on there. 

Silent Hill:

This one is probably the biggest stretch on my list, but Silent Hill was a real standout game for the system and if it is rated 18 for Resident Evil 2 anyway, they can throw this in too. 

PaRappa The Rapper:

Punch, kick it’s all in the mind! You gotta have this on a PlayStation Classic! 

Twisted Metal 2:

For me, this is still the best game in the series and it is another PlayStation owned franchise. 

Ace Combat:

I will admit that I am not a huge fan of this series from Namco. In the early days of the PlayStation though this series was a mainstay so I feel it needs to be on there. 

Gran Turismo 2:

This was going to be one of my first picks, but a buddy pointed out there are a ton of licensed cars in this game so that could be an issue. 

Syphon Filter 2:

This is a forgotten franchise, but the Syphon Filter was a huge deal on for PlayStation back in the day. I think this would be a great fit for the console.

I tried my best to keep this list as realistic as possible. I for one would love to see Tony Hawk 2 on there, but there is no way I could see them making that happen. Still if the lineup I have listed up above is what the PlayStation Classic has then I will be very pleased with it. 

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