Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition Announced

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition Announced

While most people were blown away by the new characters that were shown for Super Smash Bros Ultimate such as King. K Krool from Donkey Kong Country and Simon Belmont from Castlevania. Many gamers have gotten very excited over the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition that was shown by Nintendo Europe. 

This limited edition will come in a big box and of course feature a copy of the game, but it will also come with a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo GameCube controller and the GameCube Controller adapter. 

I will be honest and say that I hate the Nintendo GameCube controller! I know to some that is sacrilegious to say, but to me, it was like it was designed to be weird just for the sake of being weird. The buttons are oddly shaped the C Stick is freaking horrible and what is the deal with that one single Z button? I love the GameCube, but I have always hated that controller. So it goes without saying that this is one limited/special edition that I will be passing on.

Still, ifSu you do love the GameCube controller and you love Smash, I see this Limited Edition as a win for you. As of writing, this is only been shown for a European release and there has not been any kind of price revealed. I would be very surprised though if this did not see a worldwide release.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the biggest release that Nintendo have for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season and it is a game that I personally cannot wait for……. But I sure as heck can wait for that GameCube controller! Still, if you are a fan of that controller I suggest you keep an eye on this. 

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