Super Smash Bros Ultimate Coming This December

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Coming This December

While Nintendo talked about quite a few cool things such as a new Star Fox, new Fire Emblem there was one thing that got everyone talking and that is Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Ever since Nintendo teased this at their direct a short while ago, we have all been speculating about who is in? What will the game be like? And much more. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a game that is going to sell even more Nintendo Switch consoles and it is a game that I would bet the majority of Nintendo Switch owners will be interested in.

The reason that this is called Super Smash Bros Ultimate is because it is packed with fighters and I mean packed. Every single character who has been selectable in one of the past Super Smash Bros games is making the cut. Not just the first party Nintendo characters either. Ryu, Mega Man, Solid Snake, Sonic, Bayonetta and all the rest of the 3rd party characters are back!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate looks fantastic and as well as looking good, it appears that a lot of work has gone into the actual fighting mechanics of the game as well. One of the things I love about this series is how it walks the line between being very easy to pick up and play, but at the same time, there is a lot of depth there to the game if you want to really get stuck in and learn the mechanics. 

The biggest surprise was saved right for the end and that is that Ridley is now a playable character. They did say that we should not expect too many new characters, but I have a feeling more are going to be announced. Also during the Ridley reveal section, it featured some very well done cinematics so I have high hopes that some kind of story mode like they had in Super Smash Bros Brawl may be included. 

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