Super Smash Bros Is Coming To Nintendo Switch!

Super Smash Bros Is Coming To Nintendo Switch!

While this is not exactly surprising news as we all knew that a Super Smash Bros game would eventually come to the Nintendo Switch. At the Nintendo Direct that just happened, Nintendo shocked us all with a teaser trailer that showed us that first of all The Ink Boy and Ink Girl from Splatoon are in the game, but also that Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch is coming later this year.

It was the briefest of teaser trailers and I will admit that at first, I thought it was nothing more than a trailer for a remaster of the first Splatoon game….. which led me to loudly say “what is the point in this?” to my TV, but then the sky went dark and I realized this was a trailer for something different!

The trailer gave nothing away, we saw Mario and we also saw Link, who appeared to be in his Breath Of The Wild gear which was cool to see. There is a section in the teaser where you can see a ton of characters, but if you look really, really closely at a paused video some characters are easy to spot, such as Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Samus, no that these would be a surprise as we would expect them to be in Smash Bros game. 

This Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch trailer has gotten the internet talking and people are saying things like, is this an enhanced port of the Wii U game? Is it a full new game altogether? Will it actually have a story? Who will the new characters be? And so on. It is a lot of fun and a game that is most likely going to be purchased by the majority of Nintendo Switch owners.

No exact date was given, it just said 2018, but the smart money is on this being Nintendo’s big release for this holiday season. 

It is also worth pointing out that this Nintendo Direct had some other cool stuff shown, so make sure you check it out..

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