Super Mario Party Aims To Keep Things Simple

Super Mario Party Aims To Keep Things Simple

I am a huge fan of the Mario Party series. I know that some people will say that there is no skill and sometimes it feels like the game just picks a winner at random, but I think that is part of the fun when you are playing with other people. Watching your buddies get screwed over (and you getting screwed as well) is a huge part of what makes Mario Party fun.

Super Mario Party is the first game in the series for the Nintendo Switch. The last two console games, Mario Party 9 on the Nintendo Wii and Mario Party 10 on the Nintendo Wii U had players all move along the board together. It was a rather strange way of playing a board game, but I actually liked it, but at the same time I can see why it was not everyone’s cup of tea. 

The last two Mario Party games introduced boss battles which is something that I thought was really cool and something that I would like to see return. What was cool about these was the way that you had to work together, but at the same time, you wanted to make sure you got the final hit on the boss so you got the most points.

Super Mario Party looks to be keeping things as simple as possible. You can play the game with a single joycon which is great as it means that anyone with a Nintendo Switch can play multiplayer without having to buy another controller. From what I have seen of the games so far they are made to be simple, but fun so expect lots of shaking the joycon and games where you just use the analog stick and one button.

It also appears that Super Mario Party is ditching the ride in a car together system that Mario Party 9 and 10 had. Hopefully, this is something that is going to win back Mario Party fans who have not enjoyed the series on a console since Mario Party 8 which was released the better part of a decade ago!

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