Super Mario Odyssey Is Awesome

Super Mario Odyssey Is Awesome

Oh wow, another Super Mario Odyssey review is what you may be thinking, but this is not really a review. It is more me just telling you my thoughts on Mario Odyssey now that I and my son have spent a lot of time with it… well, he has spent a lot of time with it, he has been hogging the Switch, so I have only been able to get a turn while he is at school or asleep!

To start with, Super Mario Odyssey has not disappointed. It offers exactly what you would expect from a 3D Mario game and I am not going to lie and say this is reinventing the wheel when it comes to 3D Mario games. Yes, you can turn into enemies thanks to the new gameplay mechanic that is provided by Cappy. But the running, jumping and exploring is classic 3D Mario and that is awesome as no other series does it better.

What I have enjoyed about the game is that you can really play it any way you want. For example, my son has beaten the main story. He ran through the game as fast as he could, got to the end and now he is going back and revisiting worlds to try and find all of the moons, unlock all of the costumes and stickers and find any hidden stuff that he can. For me, I have been taking my time, exploring each world as I come across it and really savoring it. I always think a game that has different ways you can tackle it is good.

My son plays with the Joy Cons and has no problems using the motion controls. I will be honest when I was watching him play it (he had to play it first of course) I was a little taken back by the way you had to use motion controls. Thankfully, I use the Pro Controller and while there is still some motion controls they are not as intrusive as some people would make you think and I have never found them an issue. The overall control is tight like you would expect and seeing Mario take over different enemies like Goombas, Bullet Bills and even some new enemies is really cool and fun.

Super Mario Odyssey is a game that we are having a lot of fun with and it is certainly one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, I would go as far to say that as of right now it is my favorite game of the year…. Yes even above Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

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