Super Excited About Fortnite Season 4 Superheroes!

Super Excited About Fortnite Season 4 Superheroes!

Fortnite really has taken the gaming world by storm, it has just gotten bigger and bigger and I have a feeling that season 4 is going to see more battle passes purchased than any of the other three seasons as Fortnite mayhem really has reached an apex.

I wanted to share my thoughts on what I think could be happening with Fortnite Season 4, the battle pass and of course the comet which we all must prepare for impact from!

Two Battle Passes? 

From what I understand Fortnite Season 4 is going to have two different sets of skins. Two for superheroes and two for supervillains. I was thinking that perhaps, Epic may be tempted to offer two different Battle Passes this time around. One for the heroes where the objectives are all “good” based and the other for the villains which are more destructive and evil in their nature. 

Good vs Evil

I have not dabbled too much in the 50 vs 50 modes, but with Season 4 being about superheroes it would make much more sense in this game mode. One team could be the heroes and the other could be the villains. While you are all trying to kill every member of the other team, perhaps some objectives could be added to the game, protect this and destroy that for example. While I think that would be pretty cool, I also understand that adding things like that into the game may take away from the simplistic nature of the Battle Royale formula which is what many people loved.


I for one am looking really forward to Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4. I am very interested to find out more about these new skins and also seeing what the deal with that comet is!

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