Star Wars Battlefront II Is A Fun Game

Star Wars Battlefront II Is A Fun Game

I feel like all I have done this week is talk about Star Wars Battlefront II and with good reason. The controversy and the way that EA backed down is going to be something that we hear about for years and it may even set the standard for gamers acting with their wallets when a publisher tries to do something they do not like. Let me start by saying that I think the way that Star Wars Battlefront II wanted us to unlock things was disgusting and a clear attempt to make people say “screw this I will just pay a couple of bucks to unlock Darth Vader” Yet us gamers said NO.

The sad thing is when you look online for information about Star Wars Battlefront II. It is just full of negativity about the backlash and as I write this it was just confirmed that EA has taken out all Microtransactions! What sucks is that Star Wars Battlefront II is actually a really fun game.

It is very well made and I have been playing it since Tuesday and I have had a great time. Dice have done a great job with the multiplayer and while you can argue that it is not bringing anything new to the shooter genre. It is well done and above all else, it is just so much fun to play. Even if you play a game where you just get a handful of kills and die like 10 times, you will have a good time.

I was able to put some time into the campaign and as a lifelong Star Wars fan, I am really enjoying it. I am sure there is a big plot twist to come. But playing it from the Empire’s point of view that the Rebels are the ones who are bad is really interesting and I am loving Iden Versio as a character.

So while you may be quick to jump on all the controversy and with good reason too. I just wanted to do my bit and let people know that behind all the negativity is a really fun Star Wars game and a game that is well worth playing.

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