Star Wars Battlefront II And The Loot Box Controversy

Star Wars Battlefront II And The Loot Box Controversy

As I write this, I am actually waiting for my PlayStation 4, Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Edition to arrive from Amazon. This is one of my most wanted games of the year and I am really looking forward to it… even with all the controversy about the pay to win aspect of the game and the fact that you will either need to spend real money or play for 40 hours to unlock some characters. Now to be fair, as I write this EA have just announced that they have changed how much VC is needed to unlock characters.

However, the stigma of loot boxes and the claim that the player who has the deeper pockets or who is just willing to spend more money has an edge is not sitting well with players. I get Loot Boxes. They are a way for a developer to make more money from their game and in theory, a way for players to get some cool stuff too. I think that Overwatch handles loot boxes very well. You just get cosmetic items from them and you unlock Loot Boxes at what I consider to be a fair rate.

I hate when you play a game that takes an age to get a Loot Box. Overwatch should be the gold standard and the way other companies try to do Loot Boxes going forward. It is not fair to have things that give you an edge in a Loot Box if you ask me. But things like trophies, new poses and most importantly costumes are fine. I think the way that Overwatch does it is great. The game is already fun, but as the Loot Box system feels fair and you level up rather quickly so you do not have to spend 20 hours just waiting to get one, it feels fair.

I am really looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront II and I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun as I actually enjoyed the last Battlefront game. But I for one can tell you, after spending £69.99 on the Elite Trooper Edition. It will be a hot day on Hoth before I spend a real penny on a Loot Box!

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