Star Wars Battlefront Giving Season Pass For Free!

Star Wars Battlefront Giving Season Pass For Free!

Hey, guys today I want to talk about something really cool and that is the fact that EA is giving the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront away for free! This is pretty awesome news as I purchased Battlefront on launch, but never bought any of the DLC.

I was super excited for Star Wars Battlefront and I was even part of the beta on PlayStation 4 before it was released. It was a fun shooter and a game I had a lot of fun with for about a month. The problem with the original (or should that be reboot?) Star Wars Battlefront was there was simply not enough to do in single player or even in local co-op. I played it a lot, but I got my fil that first month and did not feel the DLC really offered value for money in what it was offering.

So Battlefront went back on the shelf and on occasion would be played, but just here and there. The closest I came to buying the DLC was the Death Star expansion they released last year. This looked so cool, it reminded me of Star Wars Rogue Squadron II on the Nintendo Game Cube and even the original Star Wars arcade game from Atari. But at £9.99. I felt it again did not really offer me value for money. But having spent all morning with it, it is just so much fun, even for a guy like me who sucks at the vehicle combat in Battlefront. It looks gorgeous as well. Actually, while I am on that, Star Wars Battlefront, is one of the best looking console games I have ever seen and even now a couple of years later I am having a hard time thinking of a game that has come along and looks better.

With Star Wars Battlefront II getting really close (I have had it pre-ordered for a while now) the release of this free season pass has gotten me even more excited for it. I love how they have added in a single player campaign and more multiplayer options so it seems a more complete package this time around. It is one of my most anticipated games of the holiday season!

So if you like me played Star Wars Battlefront when it was first released then lost interest. It is well worth downloading all this free DLC and giving it another go.

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