Some games where you can be the bad guy

Some games where you can be the bad guy

Sometimes you just want to be bad! That's not as easy as it sounds in the White Knight world of video games, however we did manage to find some games that let you act out your more evil fantasies. Where are some games where you can be the bad guy.

Dungeon Keeper

It makes you run a dungeon full of evil creatures. After you’ve built your demonic Dungeon of Doom it’s time to lore in heroes that you can then exterminate. You can also torture enemies to death and do other dastardly deeds. It's a reversal of the typical dungeon crawler and one that works quite well.

Overloard Series

You're literally the Dark Lord using evil minions to take over the world in the overlords series. There is simply no way that you can go through the campaign without being a murderous evil monster from hell. The games have a classic western fantasy motif and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, it's good to be bad when you're the Dark Lord.

Destroy all Humans!

To it's title "destroy all humans" cast the player in the role of an alien bent on destroying humans. These games are all about being bad in a movie kind of way. It's great fun to finally be on the other side of an alien invasion and cause as much destruction as possible. Destroy All Humans really was a breath of fresh air in the science fiction genre.

Kane & Lynch

Kane and Lynch aren't anti-heroes. They are straight up bad guys. Kane is a selfish bank robber who will do anything to get more money while Lynch is a schizophrenic who at one point murders a bank lobby full of hostages. These two escapes death row inmates make a habit out of shooting police officers in their violent adventures full of betrayal and villainy.


Hatred lets you play a real human piece of shit who is hell-bent on killing as many innocent people as possible. Unlike many games that give a reason to why the main character is killing bad guys over and over, hatred doesn’t explain anything you are simply killing to cleanse the world of humanity making the protagonist of hatred the most evil playable character in gaming.

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