Showcase Mode Returns To WWE 2K19

Showcase Mode Returns To WWE 2K19

2K Games have revealed the first bit of gameplay footage for this years, WWE 2K19 and fans are stoked as they are bringing back the WWE Showcase Mode!

For those that do not know From WWE 13 all the way to WWE 2K17, the annual WWE games would have a single player mode that focused on past events. This started with Attitude Era mode in WWE 13 and would become Showcase Mode in WWE 2K15. WWE 2K17 and 18 ditched this mode and it was something that bugged many fans, especially those who wanted a more normal single player experience. 

WWE 2K19 is bringing the mode back and it is called the Daniel Bryan Showcase. In this mode, you will get to play as Daniel Bryan throughout some of the major milestones of his career. Starting with a very early match against John Cena, tag-teaming with Kane and the classic he had with Randy Orton. 2K showed off gameplay of all these matches and it looks like a lot of fun.

The way Showcase mode works is that you do not have to just win a match. You have to do certain things that actually happened in the match in order to progress to the next one. It will be filled with lots of video footage which is always good to see. There are usually side questions (well side matches) that are part of the Showcase mode as well which sometimes lets you play as another wrestler, I would assume it will be Kane if the Daniel Bryan Showcase is going to let you play as someone else. 

This along with the new Towers Mode shows that the folks at 2K and Yukes have clearly listened to the fans that felt the last two WWE games were severely lacking in terms of single player content. 

WWE 2K19 is going to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on the 5th of October. There are currently no plans for a Nintendo Switch release. Which after the state of WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch might not be a bad thing!

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