Shenmue III Finally Has A Release Date

Shenmue III Finally Has A Release Date

One of the biggest gaming surprises of the last decade has to be that there was going to be a Shenmue III. Not only that, but we were also getting HD versions of the first two Shenmue games. We now know that Shenmue will be released on the 27th of August 2019. I wanted to share a bit of my history of Shenmue with you guys.

I say my history, but when it comes to Shenmue my history is that of my buddies. I had a Dreamcast at launch and as much as I was intrigued by Shenmue, I never pulled the trigger. However, a buddy of mine was all in on Shenmue from day one and it to this day is one of his favorite series of games. He would have these things called, Shenmue Nights where he would dedicate a whole night to playing either the first or the second game.

I like open world games, I like things set in the 80’s, I like martial arts, I like story driven games. So really Shenmue had all the things that I liked, but I never jumped in! Well, fast forward to 2018 and Sega have released Shenmue I and II on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Many gamers will be getting their first taste of Shenmue now after hearing about it for years. Many people think that Shenmue was a flop. It actually sold quite well, but never in a million years as it going to make back the insane amount of money Sega spent making it.

My buddy who is the biggest Shenmue fan on the planet bought four copies of this HD Shenmue game which came out today(as I write this). People think he is insane, but I am kind of surprised that he only got four! He got two for each console with the idea being he has one to play and one to keep sealed. He actually has a sealed Shenmue collection!

So maybe now will be the time that I finally jump in and actually play Shenmue I and II for myself instead of eating my buddies biscuits and watching him play! Shenmue I and II are both out now in one collection and as I said, Shenmue III is out on the 27th of August 2019. 

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