Retailers Having To Slash The Price On Two Huge Games!

Retailers Having To Slash The Price On Two Huge Games!

With 2018 being such a huge year for games, especially the October and November period. It was only natural that some games were going to have a hard time moving off store shelves and out of Amazon and Game Stops where house. Battlefield V and Fallout 76 are those two huge games that are struggling big time.

Battlefield V was actually predicated many months back to be a game that would struggle this year. It had a rather less than Steller beta period and DICE and EA thought it would be a good idea to have three different release dates for it. Add to this the fact it came after Red Dead Redemption II and Call of Duty Black Ops IIII and it was always going to have a hard time getting the masses to spend their money.

So much so that just after a week some retailers have cut the price of it nearly in half! This is insane and if you bought the game on one of those three launch days you must be pretty annoyed about it. This is a worldwide thing too as places in the USA, UK and Australia have done this.

Fallout 76 is a little different to Battlefield V in that while most people who have played Battlefield have actually enjoyed it. Fallout 76 is seen as a cash grab and a buggy mess that really does not have any reason to exist. This is not the Fallout game that people wanted and like Battlefield, Fallout 76 has had its price slashed just a week after launch. Unlike Battlefield V though, Fallout 76 even at this lower price point is going to probably still sit on store shelves.

Some games do not sell well that is just the way it goes, especially during the holidays. These two huge games could serve as a warning. First of all, do not release your huge Triple-A shooter at the same time two of the most anticipated games in years are being released. In the other case it is simple, listen to your audience and do not release a game that no one actually asked for!

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