Resident Evil VII On Nintendo Switch Is Weird…. Really Weird

Resident Evil VII On Nintendo Switch Is Weird…. Really Weird

On May 24th, Japanese Nintendo Switch owners need to have a clean pair of pants at their side. As the awesome and scary as hell Resident Evil VII is getting released for the Nintendo Switch. 

How on earth can the Nintendo Switch handle a game as graphically intense as Resident Evil VII…… well it cant..

It turns out that this game is going to be called, Resident Evil VII Cloud Edition. The reason for the name Cloud Edition is that, you do not actually have a cartridge, heck you do not even have a download of the game on your Switch! You download a very small file that allows you to stream and play the game on your Nintendo Switch. Think of it as kind of like what Sony has done with their PlayStation Now service, except this is for just one game. It is worth noting that as well as purchasing the game, you can also rent it for 180 days. 

I find this whole thing really, really weird. You need really strong internet for a start and you also have to hope that the servers Capcom and Nintendo have running for this are up to the task. Plus there is the whole thing of you never actually owning the game! I Capcom pull the service the game is gone. It is not as if the game is still saved on your SD card! 

On the flip side of this. If the game plays good and looks good then this could be a way for bigger more intense games to be released on the Nintendo Switch. Some people are really hating on this and I can kind of see why, but for me, I will keep an open mind.  

No word on if this is going to be available outside of Japan yet. 

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