Resident Evil 2 Remake To Be Shown At E3?

Resident Evil 2 Remake To Be Shown At E3?

One of the rumors that I have been reading a lot about and seeing on YouTube is that Capcom is going to show their Resident Evil 2 remake at this year’s E3.

It was Resident Evil 2 that got me hooked on the series, I never got into the first game, but had a demo disc that featured Resident Evil 2 and I played that thing to death, so much that I had to get the game. As I write this I actually own Resident Evil 2 on three different platforms, PS1, Dreamcast, and GameCube. So it goes without saying that I am very excited about this remake.

I have read that it will have the same kind of fixed camera that the original Resident Evil 2 had, I have also read that they will go for a more, Resident Evil 4 approach and I have also read that they are using the Resident Evil VII engine for the game…… I have no clue what to believe!

No matter what they do with the game, I am very interested though. I think getting a new generation of gamers excited about tank controls is going to be very, very hard. I love the original Resident Evil 2, but those controls have not aged well at all. For me personally, I would prefer them to use the Resident Evil VII engine. I am not sure if they would put the game in first person or not (would be awesome if they did) but I feel that would be best. I love Resident Evil 4, it’s one of my top three games of all time. However, I feel that Resident Evil 2 has a much slower pace and the action feel of Resident Evil would not ideally suit it.

No matter what Capcom does, Resident Evil 2 remake is one game I am very excited to learn more about. I love this time of year when we get all these kinds of rumors and predictions about what we are going to see at E3!

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