Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo Is Scaring The Hell Out Of People

Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo Is Scaring The Hell Out Of People

One of my most anticipated games of the year is nearly here, Resident Evil 2. To get players pumped up for it, Capcom has released a special demo that they are calling The One Shot demo.

This demo lets you play a chunk of Resident Evil 2 for 30 minutes. You are free to do as much as you can within this 30 minutes, but once that 30 minutes is up, it is game over. What is really neat about this is that Capcom actually did this over 20 years ago. They released the same kind of demo with a PlayStation magazine that gave you a limited amount of time to play the game.

It goes without saying that the Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo has been a huge hit and tons of folks have downloaded it. I have only managed a couple of playthroughs just yet, but I have really enjoyed what I have played so far. I am especially impressed with how good this game looks. I knew that they were using the Resident Evil VII engine and the trailers looked like a million bucks, but just how good this game looks in person really is quite amazing.

Capcom has made the game move at a much brisker pace and if you were worried about clunky tank controls of the past Resident Evil 2 that is not an issue here. Which is good as this demo is pretty darn tough so I am very excited to see just how hard the full game is when it is released in a few weeks.

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