Resident Evil 2 Is More Than Just A Remake!

Resident Evil 2 Is More Than Just A Remake!

Over at IGN they recently conducted an interview with two of the producers of next year’s remake of Resident Evil 2. It is a very interesting interview and the most notable thing is that they do not want us to look at Resident Evil 2 as if it is just a remake.

They want us to see it as a brand new entry to the series and I think that is really cool. Resident Evil 2 is being made with the same engine that was used in Resident Evil VII. This is why the game is able to look so good and also have some amazing sound design.

What I found most interesting in the interview is that they stated that they are changing things up. So when and where you come across certain characters is going to be different than it was on the original Resident Evil 2. This is something I think is really cool as I have played Resident Evil 2 on so many systems and beaten it so many times that I think a new twist is going to make it even better.

With Resident Evil being its own entry in the series and not just a remake. I am starting to wonder if this could perhaps serve as some kind of soft reboot for the series? Where if they change things enough in Resident Evil 2 that they could then continue the story of Leon and Clair in a whole new direction. This may be a bit out there in terms of theories, but I think it would be very cool and a good way for Capcom to make new Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil 2 is released early next year and it is one of my most anticipated games of 2019. Resident Evil VII was one of the most terrifying games in the series so I am very excited to see what Capcom is going to do here. 

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