Red Dead Redemption II Thoughts

Red Dead Redemption II Thoughts

With a wife, kid, and job I have not had as much time to dive into the world of Arthur Morgan as I would have liked. Still, I have managed to put around ten hours into the game since launch and wanted to share my thoughts on one of the hottest games of 2018, Red Dead Redemption II.

The first Red Dead Redemption game is easily a top five of all time game for me. It has one of the best stories I have ever had the pleasure to play through and John Marston is one of the best characters I have ever played as. So with that being said for me personally, Red Dead Redemption II had some very big shoes to fill.

To start with the game is gorgeous. I am playing on just a regular PlayStation 4 and it looks great. The whole world is so detailed and alive that I have found myself on more than on occasion just looking around at the amazing job Rockstar games have done.

As I am only ten hours in the story I cannot give an honest assessment of just yet. Although I do like Arthur Morgan and despite being a ruthless kind of guy, you can tell that he has a lot of heart. I do like the way that the whole gang feels like a family and it is good to see the starts of the cracks that caused Dutch to go kind of insane in the first game. So far so good as far as the story is concerned, although I do think that they have thrown a lot of characters my way quite early in the game.

Gameplay wise is interesting. There is far more to do in Red Dead Redemption II than in the first game. You need to make sure the morale of the camp is high by ensuring there is enough food, ammunition, supplies and also paying a contribution to the camp. You have to wash, shave, change your clothes, feed your horse, clean your horse there are many, many little things that you have to do in the world of Red Dead Redemption II. I will be honest and say at first I did not care for this. It felt like busy work that was keeping me from the main game, but actually, it helps make this world feel more real and it has really grown on me.

The weapon wheel and the way you have to make sure you take weapons off your horse is something that also took a little while to get used to, but now it is second nature and I think it is a great system. So while I am still in the early stages of the game, Red Dead Redemption II really has not disappointed me and I am sure the story is going to have some epic twists and turns the more I play it.

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