Pokemon Sun and Moon - What's new?

Pokemon Sun and Moon - What's new?
In the latest video of Pokemon, that was just out today we were given a lot of information starting out with some new Pokemon!

There's a new dog thingy called Type: Null that just gives me the creeps and looks like something the producers of Silent Hill would come up with. We also got a look at the new Dragon-type called Jangmo-O and one we already predicted, the Aloha form for Raticate!

But that's not all, one of the most surprising things we know is that the games will have different events! Both games are apart 12 hours in the events so when it may be the middle of the day in Pokemon Sun, it will be the middle of the night for Pokemon Moon. A very fitting mechanic, don't you think?

There as also the introduction of the Aether Foundation and it's floating island. They seem to be somehow rivals to Team Skull, this game's baddies but we'll have to wait and see! Oh and Team Skull got a enforcer, what ever that means. It's most likely that he will serve as the Executives from the teams of older games.

There's also a in-game event where the player will get a box that will allow him or her to collect DNA in order to evolve Zygard into it's several forms!

Another new Pokemon was shown and it was classified as a Ultra Beast but we'll have to wait to know what those Ultra Beasts are capable of!

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hanhan_subhan_hilmi 2018-02-09

thanks, nice information

Santiti08 2016-10-27


uranass 2016-10-27

really looking forward to this

sau___sage 2016-10-27

So excited!

Scrupter 2016-10-12

Man, still waiting for some megas to show up

DiogoJahchan 2016-10-11


samemon99 2016-10-09

I hope this game doesn't lose his magic, pokemon is my favourite game of all time..

darknightmax 2016-10-09


rairianm 2016-10-07


Bis900 2016-09-15

Best game in the world!

fujin 2016-09-06


Ascadia 2016-09-06


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