Play Overwatch And Support Breast Cancer Research

Play Overwatch And Support Breast Cancer Research

If you have read any of my blog posts over the last year, you will know that I am a huge Overwatch fan. Blizzard keeps adding new stuff to the game, enough that it keeps me interested in it and it is one of my go to games when I only have a spare half an hour or so for gaming. 

Well, this latest update is really cool. Blizzard is introducing a really cool Mercy skin that is pink. What is really neat about this skin is that all of the proceeds that come from it are being given to breast cancer research so you are supporting a really cool cause by purchasing it. Even if you do not play as Mercy very often it is still worth doing. Blizzard has promised that at the very least $250,000 will be donated to breast cancer research and they will release the full amount once the campaign is over on the 21st of May.  

As well as this new Mercy pink skin, they are offering a really cool and limited edition pink Mercy t-shirt which is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, plus it is only 15 bucks and once again all the proceeds go to charity.

If you have a Twitch account as well as a Blizzard one, you can link the two and earn some rewards through Twitch. By watching streams that are supporting the charity, you can earn some fun new player icons and sprays, all of which are Pink Mercy themed.  

 Be sure to check this out, the t-shirt is really cool and so is the skin. If you are an Overwatch fan this is something that you can easily get onboard with. 

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