People Cannot Get Enough Pro Counter Strike Action

People Cannot Get Enough Pro Counter Strike Action

Look I am going to be really honest and say that I am not the biggest Counter Strike player in the world… as a matter of fact, my experience with the game only goes as far as dabbling a tiny bit on PC a few years ago and spending a little bit more time with the version that was released on Xbox 360 back in 2012. So as far as actually playing Counter Strike games goes I am not really into it. I enjoyed what I played, but it just did not hook me.

But watching other people play Counter Strike, wow it is like night and day! I like many other people am hooked on watching Twitch streams of pro Counter Strike tournaments. I think it is because it is so team based and it is just so exciting to watch a real team work together to take down another team or have to scramble when the crap hits the fan and things do not work out the way they thought they would.

I would actually say that if you are someone who has never really given the whole ESports thing a try, try watching some pro Counter Strike matches. Not just little ones, the big huge events that are part of the Counter Strike Global Offensive Pro Circuit. With all the pageantry it is kind of like watching WWE! With over a million in prize money and over a million viewers back in the event which happened in January, pro Counter Strike looks like it is just getting bigger and bigger. Some of the top players are making an incredible living and getting to go and travel all over the world as they play Counter Strike and I just find that so cool.

While I really enjoy watching other players play Counter Strike, the odd thing is it has never actually given me that itch to go and give it another proper go myself. I do not know why this is and to be honest I really do not care. I look at professional Counter Strike the same way I do when I watch the NBA. I am not getting into the whole are ESports a real sport thing here, but as a viewer, I find the experience I get from watching Pro Counter Strike matches is very similar to what I get when I watch basketball.

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