Overwatch Year Of The Dog Capture The Flag Is Awesome

Overwatch Year Of The Dog Capture The Flag Is Awesome

8th of February (the day I write this) is when the latest Overwatch event takes place. It is all about the Year Of The Dog. Lasts years Lunar Event was a lot of fun and this year the focus is Capture The Flag.

You may think this is just a standard Capture The Flag mode, but Blizzard has made some huge changes. First of all is a brand new map called, Ayutthaya which is set in Thailand. Not only has a lot of work gone into this map to make it look great. This map has been designed with Capture The Flag in mind, so it is perfect for a fun and strategic game of Capture The Flag.

Speaking of fun and strategic the few changes that have been made to the Capture The Flag formula makes it even better. Thankfully, you will automatically pick up the flags, but there are certain abilities, like Winston’s Jump that will cause you to drop them! The idea is that this will make the matches more head on and offensive based which will make the matches go at 100 MPH!

Blizzard has taken away the chances of there being a draw as there will be over time with the flags moving closer and closer to the center of the map each time which will make overtime even tenser than it already is.

I think that these small changes along with the map being designed for Capture The Flag should make this mode a lot of fun. I know that some people were hoping that the roosters from last year would be a big deal again this year, but I am happy with what Blizzard has done for this event, oh and of course, there is going to be a whole load of new skins for us all to obsess over as well. By the time you read this, Overwatch Year Of The Dog will be available so check it out! 

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