Overwatch Who Is Brigette?

Overwatch Who Is Brigette?

As a huge Overwatch fan, I like you am always excited when a new character is announced. It turns out that the next hero is going to be the daughter of Torbjorn and her name is Brigette Lindholm! 

When I first saw the character art for her before I knew any of her details I was sure that she would be a more offensive based kind of character. However, after doing a little reading, she is more of a healer… a kick ass kind of healer though.

She has a repair pack that she can throw at a teammate which if they already have full health will give them armor instead. A barrier shield and barrier bash also show that she can be great for the defensive player. But her attacks do mean that when her back is against the wall she can hold her own as her rocket flail move can hurt multiple targets at once! Blizzard has ranked her at one star as far as ease of use goes. 

I think that she is a hero that I will be willing to give a try. I absolutely suck at playing a more defensive or healing type roll, but Brigette sounds like she is going to be quite easy to pick up and play as. The character design of Brigette is pretty cool, even if there are some accusations of copying from Paladins once again! 

If you are a support kind of player, Brigette is a hero that you will certainly want to try out, I always like to give the new heroes a try and Brigette is no different. I cannot find an exact release date for when this next update is going to take place, but hopefully, Blizzard will not keep us waiting too long. She is live on the test servers are so far people are saying that she is a lot of fun to play as. 

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