Overwatch Uprising 2018 Is Coming Really Soon!

Overwatch Uprising 2018 Is Coming Really Soon!

Uprising is an event that many of us Overwatch fans know all too well. However, for some reason, the 2018 Overwatch Uprising Event has kind of snuck up on me and I did not know it was this close until I saw the teaser trailer on Twitter. 

The teaser does not give a lot away, but it does let us know that it is coming on April 10th, so it is very close. One of the most interesting things about the trailer is that for a split second, you see the Blackwatch logo. This has led to many Overwatch fans speculating that this is what the new skins will be based on. I am very interested to see these new Overwatch Uprising Skins in action and what other kinds of limited loot is going to be part of this. What we do know for sure is that there will be the following Legendary Skins. Cadet Oxton Tracer, Chief Engineer Lindholm Torbjörn, Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy, Blackwatch Genji and Talon Widowmaker.

Of course, we can expect the Kings Row Uprising Mode, which is awesome as it is PVE and a mode that I wish would hang around longer than just during the Uprising Event. However, Overwatch fans are pretty excited as at the end of the teaser trailer, a new mission file is accessed and this is leading many people to speculate that a new game mode could be added as part of the Overwatch Uprising 2018 event.

No one does an event quite like Overwatch (although Call Of Duty WWII is doing great IMO) and I am very excited to start playing Overwatch Uprising 2018. It starts on the 10th of April and runs all the way to the 30th so that is plenty of time for us to get some awesome new skins and other fun items.

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