Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event First Details Revealed

Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event First Details Revealed

The people behind the Brazilian Overwatch Twitter account made a bit of a boo boo as they accidentally revealed this years, Overwatch Anniversary event. The event is scheduled to start on the 22nd of May and the “leak” gave us a lot of insight as to what we can expect.

What has gotten most people very excited is of course one of the new skins, Junkrat is now going to look like a pirate and as much as Junkrat is the Joker to my D.Va’s Batman (I swear no one kills me more than Junkrats!) I think he looks awesome and I am looking forward to seeing him in the game.

The last anniversary was a huge update with new maps and game modes so I am hoping for something similar this time around. One of the most interesting things is the skins, not so much the new ones, but Blizzard is making some of the most popular skins from past events like Halloween and Winter Wonderland available. I think this is really neat and if they give us a double XP deal like they did with the last event, we all have a much better chance of getting the skins we want.

Blizzard has not come out (as of me writing this) and said anything about this Brazilian leak, but an official statement is expected later this week and I cannot wait for it.

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