Operation Grand Heist Is Hitting Black Ops IIII

Operation Grand Heist Is Hitting Black Ops IIII

I have loved what Treyarch has done with Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. This week the game is getting kicked up a notch as they release, Operation Grand Heist. Which is a fun event/DLC that is sure to bring even more over the top action to the world of Black Ops IIII.

If you are a Black Ops Pass member you get a little bit more than everyone else. You get two new maps. These are Lockup and Casino and they both look pretty cool and having two new maps to play on is always a good thing. You guys are also getting to play as Cosmic Silverback in Blackout mode.

Everyone else though can still have fun with the Operation Grand Heist! Ghost Town is being added into Blackout mode, although I am not exactly sure what this is going to be just yet. There is also a specialist being added into the game, Outrider and she looks fun (and I think we have played as her before actually) but that is not all.

Operation Grand Heist is bringing with it two new game modes. These are One in the Chamber and Hot Pursuit. One in the Chamber has been in Call of Duty before, but Hot Pursuit looks like it is going to be awesome. The way you win is by finding the cash that is located across the map, take it to a safe spot and then the team with the most cash at the end wins.

What is really cool is that the trailer makes it seem like there is a real emphasis on vehicle play with this mode. Chasing down the other team in cars be it the new muscle car or the cop car looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

Operation Grand Heist is coming to PlayStation 4 later this week and then the following week it should be on PC and Xbox One.

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