No More Physical PlayStation Vita Games

No More Physical PlayStation Vita Games

Ah the PlayStation Vita, today Sony have announced that they are stopping production on all physical PlayStation Vita games by the end of 2018. Digital games will still be released, but those of us who like our games physical is out of luck.

It is a real shame as the PlayStation Vita has so much going for it and despite what people may think there are some fantastic games on the Vita. I really think that those undersized and horribly, horribly priced memory cards were the first stumbling block for the PlayStation Vita a stumbling block that many people were never able to get over. I get that they were worried about piracy, but for many people (myself included) these propriety memory cards came across as an attempt to fleece extra money out of consumers.

I know some people who dismissed the PlayStation Vita when the prices of those memory cards were announced and they never looked back. I picked up a Vita about a year after launch and I had a lot of fun with it. For a while, Sony did a great job in supporting the PlayStation Vita if you were a PlayStation Plus subscriber. They gave out some fantastic games as part of that service including Uncharted.

Uncharted The Golden Abyss used the Vita very, very well. I remember I was playing it in bed one night and I needed to shine a light on the back (or maybe front?) of the console to read a parchment. I turned on the lamp next to the bed and my wife flipped out! I woke her up, but hey I was able to read the parchment!

I think it is sad that the PlayStation Vita never realized its full potential, but as much as I love the handheld, I have to admit that Sony is the main reason that this never caught on as well as it could have. Maybe Sony will try another handheld, but I am not holding my breath. 

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