No End In Sight For TellTale’s The Walking Dead?

No End In Sight For TellTale’s The Walking Dead?

Man, this really sucks! TellTale the company who brought us the phenomenal Walking Dead series of games as well as some others are in deep, deep trouble. Massive layoffs and “restructuring” make the future look incredibly bleak.

Of course, the worst part about this is how so many hard working people have lost their jobs as we are coming into the holiday season. That is the main thing here that so many people are unfortunately out of work. 

However, many of those people were hard at work on the final season of The Walking Dead. We have had three main seasons of The Walking Dead along with two side games and they all have been great. In all honesty, the third chapter was not as good as the first two, but it was still enjoyable. 

This last season appeared to wrap up Clementine’s story and it was something that many gamers, myself included were very excited about. Now though with the trouble that TellTale have had, Walking Dead The Final Chapter may never see its end. Of course, there is always the chance that another studio could come in and purchase TellTale that could lead to them finishing the game. Or perhaps someone may even buy the license and continue the game themselves. Similar to what happened with South Park The Stick Of Truth when THQ had similar problems to what TellTale are dealing with.

While it sucks that we may not get to see the end of Clementine’s story. It is important to remember that the real tragedy here is the fact that so many hardworking folks have lost their jobs, folks who have worked hard to give us a series of games that many of us all over the world have really enjoyed. 

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