No Blu-Ray Xbox One On The Way

No Blu-Ray Xbox One On The Way

Microsoft tried to really change the way we played video games before they launched the Xbox One over five years ago. Well, now they are trying to change things once again by releasing a new version of the Xbox One S that does not have a disc drive.

This will be sold at a lower price point and of course be 100 percent digital. This is very interesting and it could actually be a game changer for the industry if this thing takes off. Let's say that Microsoft releases this at $180-200. You can then get a month of game pass for only a buck! That is a pretty crazy deal right there and to a parent looking to buy a kid a game console or someone looking for a reason to finally purchase an Xbox One, this is a very sweet deal.

Many have said that the future of video games could be all digital and it looks like Microsoft are testing the waters with this new version of the Xbox One S. It does raise many questions though. Will brick and mortar stores be willing to carry this console? Video game stores make far more money from game sales (both new and pre-owned) than they do a onetime sale of a console. Another issue with this is that it kills the second game market, something Microsoft wanted to do with their original Xbox One. This could perhaps make some game stores not want to carry the console at all.

It does sound pretty interesting and there is no denying that if you can go and buy an Xbox One S and get game pass with it for under 200 bucks that this is incredible value for money. From a persona point of view I am a guy in his 30’s and I am more of a physical game collector so I am not sure how I feel about this, but I can recognize great value for money when I see it.

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