Nintendo Switch And Super Mario Odyssey Continue To Impress

Nintendo Switch And Super Mario Odyssey Continue To Impress

To say that Nintendo struck gold with the Nintendo Switch is a huge understatement. After the Wii U (which did have some fantastic games) it is so good to see people get behind Nintendo and for Nintendo to make a few changes to the way they handle things.

It has recently been reported that the Nintendo Switch has now sold 17.79 million units after only a little over a year on sale! This is way more than the 13 million that the Wii U managed to sell and more than Nintendo’s own idea of how well the console would do.

Many people are predicting that by the end of the year, the Nintendo Switch will not have only outsold the Nintendo GameCube, but the Xbox One as well. 

I think the key to the success of the Nintendo Switch is the software, not many other consoles can boast such an amazing year of fantastic games, some of which are exclusive to the console. The top three selling games are all first-party offerings, Mario Kart 8, Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and of course Super Mario Odyssey. 

Super Mario Odyssey was only released last October, but it has already managed to sell an incredible 10 million copies. You would have to bet that it is going to sell a few million more this holiday season when many kids who did not jump on board last Christmas, ask Santa for one this year!

Nintendo is always going to bring it when it comes to first-party software and they certainly have brought it already on the Nintendo Switch. What is so amazing about all this success is that now, 3rd party companies will be much more willing to make games for the console. EA appears to be on board, 2K is on board, Bethesda is on board and incredible so are Rockstar! 

You would be crazy to bet against big franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, and Call Of Duty not showing up on the Nintendo Switch in some capacity. 

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