Nintendo Direct: The Games That Blew Me Away!

Nintendo Direct: The Games That Blew Me Away!

Nintendo has unleashed their first Direct of 2019 and they showcased some really cool stuff. What is interesting is that the “rumors” that were floating around turned out to be mostly true! Here are the three main games that really impressed me.

Astral Chain

This is brought to us by the people at Platinum Games and as you would expect from that studio. It is completely over the top!. It is set in a cyberpunk world with mechs, giant robot dogs, big ugly robot monsters and super-fast combat made this the highlight of the show for me. It is all set in a really awesome steampunk futuristic setting that looks fantastic.

Super Mario Maker 2

It looks like Nintendo are not reinventing the wheel for this one, but it still looks like a lot of fun. Super Mario Maker 2 is still in 2D, but they are at least letting us use some of the cool things from Super Mario 3D World such as the cat bell and those weird pipes. They have added more kinds of terrain and it looks like there are a ton of new enemies in the game as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

A new 2D style Zelda game!!!! Links Awakening is already a fantastic game and Nintendo have brought it back to life in a really cool way. This is still a classic top down 2D style Zelda game. Nintendo though have given it a complete graphical overhaul and it looks awesome. It looks like a bunch of toys and playsets have come to life and I think that is pretty cool.

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