Nintendo Classics: Viewtiful Joe

Nintendo Classics: Viewtiful Joe

Today we are looking at a classic game on the Nintendo GameCube, Viewtiful Joe. Viewtiful Joe was first made as a GameCube exclusive and was part of a partnership that Nintendo had with Capcom at the time.

This is one of my favorite games for the Nintendo GameCube! It is a side scrolling action/platform/puzzle game and it is hard as nails. You play as Joe, a regular dude who loves movies. He gets sucked into the world of movies, needs to save his girl, get help from his hero and also make use of his super VFX powers.

These powers are awesome and allow Joe to slow down time, speed time up and also zoom in. These VFX powers will be needed to defeat certain enemies as well as solve puzzles. They are a lot of fun to use and as the game is so well designed you will be mixing them up with combos and feeling like a total badass as you do!. It is so much fun to play and the game has a really high difficulty level. I remember getting to a boss called Fire Leo and it must have taken me 20 attempts to beat this guy, he was so hard I thought it had to be the end of the game…. Nope just a really tough boss and there was a lot more game to go!

Viewtiful Joe is a gorgeous game and thanks to the use of cell shaded graphics it has aged very, very well. Although I do feel that if it had an HD lick of paint it would be awesome. Viewtiful Joe was eventually released on the PlayStation 2 and this version is a little easier and also lets you play as Dante from Devil May Cry. It is also a fantastic game, but it does not look quite as good as the GameCube version.

Capcom also released Viewtiful Joe 2 which was a lot of fun, but it did not have quite the impact on me that the first game did. They did also make a Viewtiful Joe game for the Nintendo DS which was far better than you would think. Then we got a terrible fighting game called red Hot Rumble which was not good at all. Viewtiful Joe was popular enough to get an animated series and a spot in Marvel vs Capcom, but sadly Viewtiful Joe appears to be a character Capcom have no interest in doing anything with. 

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