New Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini Is On The Way

New Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini Is On The Way

At the recent Sega FES event while most sane people were excited that Shenmue 1 and 2 are on their way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was something else that caught my eye and that was Sega are making their very own Sega Mega Drive (Genesis Mini to my USA friends) in the vein of the SNES and NES Mini.

I was super excited by this. There have been Sega Mega Drive/Genesis re-releases for the last decade, made 99/100 by AT-Games most of these tend to be average at best. Not just the build of the console or the handheld, but in terms of the emulation. Games with iconic music are ruined and some games even have control issues. However, despite this, AT-Games have released some kind of Sega product each year for a while now. 

Last year we got the HD version of the AT-Games Sega Mega Drive and it is a step in the right direction. It is not perfect, but there had been some improvements made in terms of the emulation although it was far from perfect.

Why am I talking about AT-Games when this new Sega Mega Drive Mini is being made by Sega themselves? Well, it turns out, even though this was announced at the Sega FES, AT-Games is still behind this console! People are freaking out about this online, but I am keeping an open mind. I have a little bit of faith that as Sega unveiled this thing that they will have a bit of quality control on this.

With how successful the NES and SNES Classic have been it is not surprising to see something like this. I for one though am excited by what could come next. If Sega is happy with the way it goes, it could very well open the gates for some kind of Sega CD and 32X add on for their Sega Mega Drive Mini!

Past AT-Games Sega Mega Drive/Genesis consoles have allowed you to use actual Sega controllers and even use real cartridges which I have always thought was a cool idea. No word on if that is the case here, but as we are coming up on the 30th anniversary of the Sega Mega Drive, I am really hoping that Sega is working closely with the folks at AT-Games to make this work.

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