New Rattata Form Revealed

New Rattata Form Revealed
There as another video of Pokemon Sun and Moon out today with the Nintendo Direct stream and we got a glimpse of a new Aloha form for Rattata.

The Aloha Rattata is Dark/Normal type with a clear weakness to fighting types and we can only assume that it's evolution, Ratticate shares the same type coverage since there was no annouccment about the evolution.

Further down the video we got a glimpse at Aloha Raichu's Z Move, Stoked SparkSurfer and also the Z-Move for Snorlax, Pulverizing Pancake that can only be obtained by giving Snorlium-Z to a Snorlax which makes believe that there will be Z-Moves exclusive to a species.

So far, the only way known to get a Snorlium-Z is to buy an early copy of the game, before January 11th and logging in to eShop to get a Munchlax that will come with the Snorlium-Z and will be able to evolve into Snorlax!

There was also the announcement for a new 2DS that will either come with an installed copy of Sun or Moon and it's blue!

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