New Pokemon Reveal!

New Pokemon Reveal!

Last night we got a new Pokémon trailer with a bunch of neat stuff for the upcoming games Sun and Moon that will debut this October.

We got presented a new Pokémon named Wishiwashi with a cool ability in the form of Schooling that lets him group up a bunch of other Wishiwashi to form a bigger and badder version.

We also got a new Pokemon but there's not much know about him yet, all we got is that Pyukumuku is Water type with an ability similar to Rough Skin.

There was also the official confirmation of Morelull, a Pokémon that was leaked earlier this month!

One of the biggest announcements was this year's version of Team Rocket, the enemies you will encounter through out the game in the form of Team Skull in what looks like a Street wise gang in Pokémon.

We also got the Aloha Forms for Meowth, Marowak and one that the internet seems to have fallen in-love with, Raichu

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